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You may ask yourself ...

  • why, in situations of conflict, is my reaction so emotional?

  • why am I often so angry?

  • why do I often feel so empty, lonely and dejected?

  • why doesn‘t anybody understand what I am really trying to say?

  • why am I doing things I don’t really want to do?

  • why is life so tiring?

Or you may have noticed that ...

  • you feel listless and despondent

  • you suffer from anxieties

  • you are under strong pressure

  • you feel ostracised

  • you have lost confidence in yourself

  • you observe life without participating fully in it

  • you have changed and no longer recognize yourself

  • you wonder how to embrace growing older

  • you are facing a next step in your life and feel insecure and doubtful about it

  • you’ve been feeling “strange” for quite a while without really knowing         what is the matter with you, who you might turn to or talk to about it

  • you would like to have more trust in yourself and in life again

  • you wish for your life to become more intense again

  • you would like to re-structure your life

You seek answers to the question ...

  • how can I get an authentic life AND live up to expectations towards me?

  • how, in situations of crisis, can I resort to myself as a source of strength?

  • how can I get back to participating in life more actively?

  • how can I access the creative parts of me?

  • how can I get in touch with all the parts of me?

  • where can I find the courage to turn my wishes into reality?

  • how can I dare to take new steps when my current structures give me stability and security?

  • how can I find my very own pace in life?

  • how can I become more aware and mindful of myself and the way I live my life?

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